Brian Henderson received bachelors degrees (summa cum laude) in physics and mathematics at Rice University in 2010, where his research included included electronics for particle and atomic physics applications as well as inorganometallic chemistry.  Additionally, he worked on the development of low-emittance electron beam sources for the Cornell University Energy Recovery Linear Accelerator project.  His Ph.D. thesis work at the MIT Laboratory for Nuclear Science (completed in 2016) focused on questions of the electromagnetic structure of the proton on the OLYMPUS experiment, which took data in 2012 at DESY (Hamburg, Germany).  His work has included a wide variety of aspects of the aspects of the experiment, including the development of highly-detailed Monte Carlo simulations, magnetic field survey and modeling, detailed molecular flow system calculations, particle detector construction and calibration, event reconstruction, and precision luminosity measurement.

Brian joins LNSP as a Stanton Nuclear Security Fellow to work on various experimental aspects of monochromatic cargo interrogation and zero knowledge warhead verification.

Outside of the lab and office, Brian spends his time as a hockey goaltender, following the Premier League, volunteering for his alma mater, and officiating soccer