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The EPA Clean Power Plan: Topics of Interest for Public Comment

  • MIT Room 24-213 24 Cambridge, MA 02142 (map)

Daniel Curtis

MIT Nuclear Science and Engineering

The Clean Power Plan is the EPA's proposed rule on CO2 emissions from existing generators. This proposed rule could have major impacts on current operations and future energy system deployment, including direct impacts on the significance of nuclear power in our energy systems. Join a discussion on the major topics and issues of the proposed rule, particularly items on which you might be interested to make your own official public comments. The official public comment period on this proposed rule ends October 16th, 2014.

Daniel Curtis is a 3rd year graduate student in NSE. Daniel’s research is on the development and analysis of nuclear hybrid energy system (NHES) concepts, with a focus on the markets potentially served by large systems and the economic performance of those systems. He currently supports the Nuclear Oil Shale Project, the Fluoride-Salt-Cooled High-Temperature Reactor (FHR), and studies of advanced thermal energy storage systems.