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Geant4 Advanced Tutorial

Location: W20-201 (Student Center, MIT)

A three-day-long Geant4 advanced workshop will be hosted by LNSP on MIT campus. The workshop will be offered by SLAC's Geant4 team, and will be limited to 30 advanced participants. Participation to the workshop is by invitation only: please fill out this application form.


  • Who should attend: scientists and engineers with an strong knowledge of Geant4who perform MC simulations of interactions of particles and radiation with matter, in the fields of
    • High energy physics, medium and low energy nuclear physics
    • Nuclear Security
    • Material Science
    • Nuclear astrophysics
    • Space engineering
    • Medical research, radiation oncology, dosimetry
    • ...or anyone else who likes to nerd out with coding and simulation!
  • Required:
    • The participants should bring their own laptops
    • Solid admin-level knowledge (command line et al.) of GNU/Linux, Unix (Mac OS X)
    • Geant4 10.1.p02 pre-installed
    • Intermediate ability to code in C++

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