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Workshop on ADAQ tools

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology NW14-2209 Cambridge,02139 USA (map)

Zach Hartwig

As many of you know, I've been developing a set of software tools ("ADAQ tools") for experimental and simulated data acquisition and analysis. After a major recent development effort, these tools are essentially ready for wide-spread "production level" deployment, and I will begin to shamelessly advertise them at MIT and beyond. These tools (already used by Buck on the DNDO/ARI monochromatic interrogation project ... Thanks for being a great guinea pig, Buck!) will be perfect for the Zero Knowledge project, the 22.09 laboratory course, and almost any other future experiment/simulation project involving particle detectors.

As part of my initial push to make these tools known, I'd like to invite you to attend a demonstration / hands-on session. I'll give you an overview of the tools themselves (how to install them, how they work), give a live demonstration of the tools in action, and then allow you to use them yourselves. I hope to show you the power of these tools compared to other software packages that might be available (there aren't many!). I'd like to host this in the NW14 second floor conference room. Once we have a time slot, I'll work with Rachel to reserve the room.