Areg Danagoulian is the Norman C. Rasmussen Assistant Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering at MIT. He received his S.B. degree in physics from MIT. He did his PhD research in Experimental Nuclear Physics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His PhD thesis focused on experiments which used real Compton scattering on the proton at 2-6 GeV, allowing to probe the proton's internal structure and how it couples to external excitations. After his PhD Areg worked at Los Alamos as a postdoctoral researcher, and then as a senior scientist at Passport Systems, Inc (PSI). At PSI Areg focused on the development of Prompt Neutron from Photofission (PNPF) technique, which allows to rapidly detect shielded fissionable materials in the commercial cargo traffic. Areg's current research interests focus on scientific applications in nuclear security, such areas nuclear nonproliferation, technologies for treaty verification, nuclear safeguards, and cargo security. Current specific research areas include:

  1. applications of transmission Nuclear Resonance Fluorescence (NRF) to warhead authentication as part of nuclear arms reduction treaty verification
  2. use of monoenergetic photon sources from nuclear reactions for achieving low dose cargo radiography and active interrogation

Other areas of interest involve nuclear forensics and development of new detection concepts.